bring home the bacon

boxing glove collages

Bring Home the Bacon

Bettina Hubby

Boxing Glove Collages

Ongoing series


This series of work, Bring Home the Bacon debuted as a part of the Pretty Limber exhibition at Klowden Mann in 2013. These collages embody the essence of a self-empowered multi-tasking sexual being, 'gloved up' to enhance the emittance of a female warrior mood.


Hubby says of the series: “They are my female fantasy avatars. I needed an image to guide how I want to appear to the world: a superhero essence of sorts to stand strong and armed. Armed not for combat, but as a visual symbol to intimidate and thwart those who would try to harm, either physically or psychologically. Each figure is part of my imagined army wearing these gloves, the female equivalent of what cod-piece's were used for, more to intimidate adversaries, not just as protection or for battle itself. Just add your face and see yourself as strong."

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