bettina hubby CV

Bettina Hubby



(b. 1968, New York City)

Lives and works in Los Angeles



1995 MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York City

1990 BA, College of Charleston


​Solo Exhibitions


Positively Earnest, Klowden Mann, Los Angeles

THE SEXUAL BRONZE SHOW, Klowden Mann, Los Angeles


THE SEXUAL BRONZE SHOW, Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas


THE SEXUAL BRONZE SHOW, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin


Pretty Limber, Klowden Mann, Los Angeles


Selected Group Exhibitions


Soft Schindler, curated by Mimi Zeiger, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles

UltraChrome Plus, DENK, Los Angeles

The Vision Board, with Nancy Buchanan, Carolyn Castaño, Laura Krifka, William Powhida, Erika Rothenberg, Elizabeth Valdez, Marnie Weber, Sara Ann Weber, and others, Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

LA Woman, Bale Creek Allen Gallery, Los Angeles


The mecca, California, with Chad Attie, Alexandra Grant, Shane Guffogg, Tim Hawkinson, Bettina Hubby, Soo Kim, Alice Könitz, Friedrich Kunath, Johnston Marklee, Fawn Rogers, Ed Ruscha, Allison Schulnik, Samantha Thomas, Richard Louderback, and Eric Yahnker, Eastern Star Galley in partnership with The LODGE, Los Angeles

Disparate Sources: Los Angeles Collage, curated by Chelsea Dean, Keystone Gallery, Los Angeles


Amplify Compassion, 356 Mission, Los Angeles


Were Not Now, with Rebecca Farr, Bettina Hubby, and Christopher Russel, Klowden Mann, Los Angeles

Human Condition, curated by John Wolf, located within a shuttered hospital in West Adams, Los Angeles


Side Effects May Include Art, The Situation Room, Los Angeles

The Grinstein Artist Invitational, Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Los Angeles


Open House, curated by David Bell, Los Angeles

The Property, curated by Chris Olivera, Property, Los Angeles


The Five Spot, curated by Shana Nys Dambrot, with Marion Lane, Bettina Hubby, Vincent Sabella, Laura & Manfred Menz, Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles

SITE, curated by Jon Leaver, with Chad Attie and Bettina Hubby, Harris Art Gallery at the University of La Verne,
La Verne, CA

Dreamhouse Vs. Punk House (plus Cat House), organized by Kristin Calabrase, Joshua Aster, and Torie Zelben, Serious Topics, Los Angeles

A to B and BACK AGAIN, with Andrew Uchin and Bettina Hubby, ARTBOOK @ Paper Chase, Los Angeles

The Call of the Wild, curated by Leonardo Bravo, LA Mart, Los Angeles

Were Not Now, Klowden Mann, Santa Monica

Artist Merchandising Art, Wonderloch Kellerland, Los Angeles

Valentine, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara

La Biennale 2012 at The Stanback, IP Stanback Museum and Planetarium, South Carolina State University


Home Show: Revisited, curated by Miki Garcia and Michele O’Marah, with Piero Golia, Evan Holloway, Bettina Hubby, Florian Morlat, Kori Newkirk, Jennifer Rochlin, Ry Rochlen, Kirsten Stoltmann, Stephanie Taylor, Jennifer West, presented by the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara

X-10 Biennial, curated by Leonardo Bravo and Jeremy Rosenberg, Los Angeles

Sex without the people, with Lun*na Menoh and Bettina Hubby, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles

Signs on the Road, organized by Michael Ashkin and Joshua Geldzahler (as Workroom G), Winkleman CRL, New York City

The Open Daybook, curated by David Earle, at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), Los Angeles


La tribune de la cuisine contestataire, curated by Asuka Hisa, presented by France Cuture, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica

The Trade Show, WPA, Los Angeles

Manifest Equality, curated by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Annie Philbin, Shepard Fairey, Ed Ruscha, Lari Pittman, Lisa Love, Franklin Sirmans, Edgar Arceneaux, Rick Jacobs, andDavid Pagel, Los Angeles


Cocktail Party, with Bettina Hubby and Skip Arnold, Bonelli Contemporary Gallery, Los Angeles

Group Show, with Andre Butzer and others, 1727 N. Spring St., Los Angeles

Fabricated Artifications, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica


Excerpts from 1000 Character Project, MTV, New York City, 1999

Drawings, Gallery at California State University Fullerton, 1998

A View From Brooklyn, Gallery at California State University Fullerton, 1997

Gothic, Iceland (traveling), 1997

America, LA Space for Art & Culture, Los Angeles, 1997

Codpiece, Griffin Linton Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, 1996

Scratch, Thread Waxing Space, New York City, 1996

The Crest Hardware Show, Brooklyn, 1996

The New 13, Joyce Goldstein Gallery, New York City, 1995

The Fold, SVA Gallery, New York City, 1995

50 Years, Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York City, 1995

America’s Favorite Painting Part II, Organized by Komar & Melamid, SVA Gallery, New York City, 1994

Cadavre Exquis, The Drawing Center, New York, 1993


Selected Curatorial


Gary Cannone: Albums by Conceptual Artists, ARCANA Books on the Arts, Los Angeles


Curatorial Hub, exhibitions and events including Circus of Books, Art Catalogues at LACMA, Helms Bakery, ARCANA Books on the Arts, Blue Roof Studios, Bestor Architecture, and Depart Foundation, Los Angeles


The Panacea Project, with Adrienne Adar, Michael G. Bauer, Nancy Barber, Carl Berg, Agnes Bolt, Cal Clements, Michael Dee, Bob Dornberger, Amanda Yates Garcia, Emma Gray, Bettina Hubby, Alex Miller, Jeremy Shockley, Joe Sola, William Stone and Nicola Vruwink, presented by Klowden Mann, on view at Werkartz, Los Angeles

note to self, with Ashton Allen, Margot Bowman, Saskia Wilson Brown & Micah Hahn, Joshua Callaghan, Bob Dornberger, David P. Earle, Emma Gray, Bettina Hubby, Steven Rimlinger, and Mike Slack, Elephant, Los Angeles


Thanks for the Mammeries, The Facebook Feed, LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), Los Angeles


Thanks for the Mammeries, presented by Klowden Mann, on view at For Your Art, Los Angeles

8th + Hope + Hubby, with Suzanne Adelman, Chad Attie, Joshua Callaghan, Alice Clements, Omar Lopex, Rory Mitchell, Steven Rimlinger, Mike Slack, Keith Walsh, and Karen Lofgren, presented by Side Street Projects, Los Angeles


Dig the Dig, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica

Construction Man Dinner, Silver Lake neighborhood, Los Angeles


The Eagle Rock Rock and Eagle Shop, Eagle Rock Rock and Eagle Shop, Los Angeles

The Rock Shop, For Your Art, Los Angeles


Get Hubbied, Eagle Rock Community Center, Los Angeles

Honest Mystique, POST, Los Angeles


A Picnic in Eden, with Abel Baker Gutierrez and Bettina Hubby, The Company, Los Angeles

forming-storming-norming-performing, with Karen Fofgren, Skp Arnold, David Jones, Erin Trefry, Evan Holloway, and Bettina Hubby, Circus Gallery, Los Angeles


CoTour, 10 locations in Los Angeles


Double Fantasy, with Mike Slack and Bettina Hubby, Los Angeles


Tif Sigfrids, Horowitz, Ferrini, and Biondi, Los Angeles


Makiko Takehara, Roth Horowitz Gallery, Los Angeles


Slide and Film Club at the Anchorage, Anchorage, Brooklyn, 1998

Winter Social, Four Walls, New York City, 1997

Fall Social, The Art of Being Social, Four Walls, Brooklyn, 1997

Film Club, Four Walls, Brooklyn, 1997

Vulgate, Nova Space, New YorkCity, 1996

Seaming, HERE Gallery, New York, 1996


Art Fairs


Rebecca Farr, Bettina Hubby, and Morgan Mandalay, Art Los Angeles Contemporary with Klowden Mann, Los Angeles


NADA NY, with LAND, New York City


Come Up and See Me Sometime, Paris Photo LA with Klowden Mann, Los Angeles


Dallas Art Fair, with Klowden Mann, Dallas


Art Pad SF with Klowden Mann, San Francisco

Miami Project, with Klowden Mann, Miami


Miami Project, Klowden Mann, Miami, Florida


Selected Projects


Women of Hearts, Jen Dallas and Bettina Hubby, art collaborations for breast awareness and cure

Breast of Luck, Bettina Hubby and Steven Rimlinger, art and design for breast awareness and cure

InWord & UpWords, Anne Loyd and Bettina Hubby, art collaborations and wellness workshops


Love Potion No. 9, Institute of Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles

Chinatown League of Ultimate Benevolence, Fifth Floor Gallery, Los Angeles


The View of Bellmer, Alias Books, Los Angeles


Googly Eyes for Giant Rock, curated by Andrea Zittel, Dave Hickey, Libby Lumpkin, for High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree

LA River Walk-nic, presented by NELA Riverfront Collaborative and LA River Walks, picnic by Thank You For Coming, music by Hélène Renaut, Los Angeles


Achilla costume design, directed by Andrew Hahn, WPA Gallery, Los Angeles


Studio costume design, directed by David Jones and Kelly Martin, Redcat Theater, Los Angeles


Hubby Part V, Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles


Hubby Part IV, The Mountain Bar, Los Angeles


Hubby Part II, Weathervane, Santa Monica, California

Hubby and Hee Hee, DiannePruess Gallery, Los Angeles



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