Curatorial hub at circus of books 

West Hollywood


Curatorial Hub

Circus of Books

Curated by Bettina Hubby and Michael G. Bauer

December 16–31, 2018

West Hollywood

Curatorial Hub is pleased to announce the opening of Peep!.

We invite viewers to experience an array of artworks, interspersed throughout the bookstore, placed amidst porno-graphic zines, used books, Playgirls, and homoerotic miscellanea. Many of these artworks are in public view while others are obscured, obfuscated and/or hard to find, reflecting on Circus of Books as a historic space and one that straddles the public and private social experience.

For more than five decades Circus of Books has been an integral part of Los Angeles history. In considering our changing cultural landscape Rachel Mason, artist, musician and filmmaker notes how the accessibility of pornography on the internet and apps like Grindr have replaced the need for cruising spots like Circus of Books. As the store is closing their doors at the end of this year, this exhibition celebrates the life of Circus of Books and their long-standing support for freedom of expression, different ways of being, and creativity at large.

PEEP! Curatorial Hub at Circus of Books

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