relax. #pillowstellingmetodothings

drawing collages

Relax. #pillowstellingmetodothings

Bettina Hubby

Drawing collages

Ongoing series


Of the series Hubby says: "Relaxation is a goal for most of us these days in these stimulating times. When someone gives me advice on how I should relax, I think how I’d rather hear it from an inanimate object than a person—a chair or a pillow for instance. This work is about creating a nonjudgemental reminder of the thing that might be hardest for one to imagine doing, In this case it's about relaxation. When one reads the words in context, it is my aim that one be amused. The weight of the message softens via humor when the message is relayed by a sofa or an ottoman. Laughter, or even the slightest grin, sends tonic chemicals through the body and ushers one away from stress, worry, doubt or fear towards 'chill-dom.’ This whole process retrains the brain."

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