self portrait figurines

What will she DOOB next?

Bettina Hubby

Self Portrait Figurines


The serial edition, What will she DOOB next? consists of nine self-portrait figurines that playfully represent important and lasting aspects of Hubby's life and art investigations.


In order of appearance, Baby Goat DOOB engages with Hubby's ongoing style using animals to cheer the viewer and in turn affect the audience's feelings about her as an artist, a not so subtle attempt to win their affection. The Sexual Bronze DOOB is presented as a self portrait holding a tray of a few of her pairings from her The Sexual Bronze Show series, with a nod to Gauguin's famous painting of a woman holding a tray of luscious fruit called, Two Tahitian Women. BOOB DOOB, was the first in the series, and is devoted to Thanks for the Mammaries, Hubby's humor-filled approach to her bout with breast cancer. 


Each is an edition of 9 and created using DOOB-3D printing technology. They are offered as a series or sold individually.

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