Phoenix hotel, san francisco

Art Pad SF

Klowden Mann at Phoenix Hotel

May 16-19, 2013

San Francisco


For her installation for Art Pad SF, Hubby created a playful continuation to her installation for Home Show: Revisited (installed in a private residence in Santa Barbara, presented by the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum) wherein she protected the privacy of others while exposing her own. For Art Pad SF works in the hotel room reflected Hubby’s life at home. What she’d be wearing to bed was translated into an oversized blanket picturing her asleep in her Kiss Pajamas cuddling with her embroidered pillows. Getting ready to go out turned into a life-sized decal on the large mirror of herself drawing a fake stocking line up the back of her legs. In the bathroom was a large decal in the tub of herself wrapped in a shower curtain with a mud mask on, as another form of her curled her eyelashes in the mirror. On the TV screen was a decal reflecting her and her dog on the bed, glamorously watching a movie, and finally, the large hotel window was curtained with a photograph of the facade of her own home. 

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