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Curated by Bettina Hubby

10 Locations


Los Angeles

CoTour, is a HubbyCo project that took shape in the form of a Los Angeles tour of Hubby's own neighborhood that brought in the talents of other artists alongside a concept to bring the sites to life. Chosen were ten places that have special meaning to her, ranging from Trader Joes to Cheetahs Strip Club to Skylight Books; for each location she created site-specific garments to pay homage to each site. Many talented friends were invited to wear and enliven the garments for a one-day bus tour that guided spectators to each site. Through various performances and scenes, the uniqueness of each site was brought to life even further by the personality and talents of each participant. A catalog documenting CoTour has been published and designed by artist Mike Slack. 

Influential quote by David Ulin:

No two impressions of any city are ever alike. An urban environment as complex and vast as Los Angeles teems with endless perspectives, each customized to the visitor or inhabitant who encounters it. If each of your friends marked their top ten favorite and most frequented points on a map of Los Angeles, the emerging collection of profiles would be entirely subjective, each revealing an L.A. as unique as a fingerprint.



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