pretty limber

Klowden Mann, Los Angeles

Pretty Limber

Klowden Mann

September 7–October 19, 2013

Los Angeles


Klowden Mann was proud to present the first solo exhibition of work by Los Angeles-based artist Bettina Hubby, Pretty Limber, the inaugural exhibition in the gallery's new Culver City location. The exhibition featured an integration of various elements of Hubby's practice, founded in her collage work, and presented as individual works on paper, large scale vinyl cutouts and fabric pieces. Hubby's work in Pretty Limber approaches the way in which physical bodies interact with and define space, and the various levels of ritual used in the individual and communal construction of identity. Boundary and its redefinition was a pervasive theme in the work, as the paper and vinyl forms comfortably inhabited their exhibition space while seeming to question its function, and offer unexpected possibilities for expansion, interaction and play. The forms combine to bring to the audience awareness of our own bodies, and the space we encounter and invent in combination with our environment and one another.




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