hydrants and their decals

These images depict a series of removable vinyl hydrant decals. Below install shots are from the LA Mart, 2014. They were also exhibited at LA Eyeworks, 2015, and Barbara Bestor Architecture in 2017. 

"I moved to New York from the south for grad school at SVA in the early 90's. In an otherwise bleak/frightening/filthy/rat-infested neighborhood, I found humor and became obsessed in these unlikely sources of inspiration. They were clean, colorful and personify-able, which in turn helped to make New York more penetrable, engaging and survivable. The focus on these omnipresent objects has endured as a symbol of finding beauty in the often overlooked."

 To purchase any of the individual decals for $150                       email me: bettina@hubbyco.com with title of the one you want! 

To purchase the full set of decals  (1o of your choice)  for $1000         

email me: bettina@hubbyco.com with titles of the ones you want! 

There is also a poster of a large array of my fav hydrant photos available for $100, poster pictured below

*designed by artist Mike Slack, 2007

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