The Panacea Project

Presented by Klowden mann, los angeles

The Panacea Project

Curated by Bettina Hubby
Presented by Klowden Mann

Sept 9–30, 2017

on view at Werkartz

Los Angeles

Klowden Mann is proud to present The Panacea Project, a group show curated by Bettina Hubby, featuring works by Adrienne Adar, Michael G. Bauer, Nancy Barber, Carl Berg, Agnes Bolt, Cal Clements, Michael Dee, Bob Dornberger, Amanda Yates Garcia, Emma Gray, Bettina Hubby, Alex Miller, Jeremy Shockley, Joe Sola, William Stone and Nicola Vruwink. 
A statement from Hubby:

This show is a conscious choice, a treasure hunt for some bliss, a bit of calm, a jolt of laughter, an ooooh, an ahhhhh, or a nervous chuckle at the way things are. It’s an admission that our world is full of strife and contrast and whilst aware, to throw out this open-armed hug – a palliative gesture. There is a great power in collective pursuits of cheer.
Therefore there are plenty of hugs in this show, and unpredictable rainbows. There are ebullient Guston-ian ballooning ceramics whilst others erupt with fantastical solidity and more with happy glazes and twisted smiles. There are drawings with a hurricane of mantras, collages of cosmic reminders of space and time, a humorous painting with literal heart, as well as heat-beating poetic furniture and paintings that bathe you with light and streaker freedom. You’ll be virtually surrounded by ridiculously beautiful animals getting along with each other despite their differences, and confronted with the undeniable beauty of the natural world. You can cuddle up with a blanket of imagery to escape to and gaze at a silvery curtain that urges you to pleasantly dream of clowns. There’s video that will repeatedly satisfy you with simple human triumphs, and even more ceramics that will either shake your hand or always agree with you. There is work here that will attempt to dunk you in the sublime, surround you with cozy comforts, and fully immersive reminders that our companion flora are alive and humming,
I chose to douse you with humor, both direct and sly, beauty, animals and a barrage of positivity to overwhelm your senses, soothe, repair and amuse you…or at the very least allow you to escape for a while.


Bliss, Everywhere, Bettina Hubby, 2017. VR Installation, Edition of 5 plus 1 AP.

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