note to self

elephant, Los Angeles

note to self

Curated by Bettina Hubby

February 4–25, 2017
Los Angeles

Intrinsically process driven, to-do lists are both aspirational and pro-active, both of the moment and for the future. When an item on a to-do list is crossed off, it becomes an accomplishment, but when left undone, a nagging regret. Normally not for public consumption, to-do lists are intimate and unguarded, unpremeditated and revealing. Hinting at a work in progress, they become accidental journal entries, a place where thoughts become systems and notes become ideas, and a unique record of a particular moment in time. Once an item has been ticked off the list, the list itself is a witness to (or evidence of) one’s own power to manifest.


Works in the show are motivated by to-do lists which are also displayed and appear in many forms: pencil on Post-it, printed out screen shot, and scrawl on a wall.

Photography of the show, and Googly Eyes install by Steven Rimlinger, “Edible snacks” in the deadpan style of artist Bob Dornberger, will be served until they are inside everyone. Participating artists: Ashton Allen, Margot Bowman, Saskia Wilson Brown & Micah Hahn, Joshua Callaghan, Bob Dornberger, David P. Earle, Emma Gray, Bettina Hubby, and Mike Slack.


Elephant is a contemporary artist-run space in Glassell Park, Los Angeles. Elephant houses six working studios, a central exhibition space and an outdoor event area. the studio artists collaborate to provide outside curators and artists a physical location for exhibitions, events and gatherings.


The monkey mind train and billboards for healing, Bettina Hubby, 2017. HO scale toy train set, painted wooden signs, small billboards, and tiny animals, 38 x 38 inches.

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